Four Benefits of Worship

Our God is such an amazing God!  What a privilege it is to “worship Him in spirit and in truth.”  For the children of God, what an eternal privilege it will be to worship Him forever in Heaven and on the New Earth to come! 

We have humbly explored the all-important meaning of worshipping God in spirit and in truth.  If we are truly serious about the concept and practice of worship and implementing it as God requires, then there has to be a sound and disciplined analysis of what Christ Jesus was sharing with the Samaritan woman as recorded at John 4:20-24.

The logical progression, then, of examining the requirements of Biblical worship are the benefits.  Oftentimes, it has stricken me as an oddity in past conversations about the topic that very few people have articulated the benefits of worshipping our Father.  Of course, God doesn’t owe us anything, as worship is our duty and responsibility. 

Some may say, “I feel His presence during praise and worship or I just feel overwhelmed by His presence.”  And, that’s fine.  One certainly cannot discredit the emotional aspects of true worship.  But, the true benefits of worshipping God in spirit and in truth extends well beyond feelings.  Let’s look at the following four benefits:

1.     God is glorified.

First, when we offer God worship from the depths of our inner being in praise, prayer, song, giving and living, as based on revealed truth, He is glorified.  We were created to glorify God. God deserves our worship for all the things we don’t deserve.  God says, in Leviticus 10:3, “I will be sanctified in them that come near Me, and before all the people I will be glorified.”

2.    We are purified.

Second, true worship requires that the children of God approach God with purity.  Psalm 24 states that, “He that cometh into my presence must come with clean hands and a pure heart.”  Worship demands purity. 

3.    The Body of Christ is edified.

Third, true worship transforms the church.  One thing that is evident from reading the book of Acts is the favor of God when the church was worshipping.  The Lord added to the church daily, a plethora of people were saved, the Good News filled the atmosphere, and the church turned the world upside down!  Praise God!  A worshipping church is a transformative church!

4.    The lost are evangelized.

Fourth, the profound testimony of a worshipping community can have a greater impact probably than any single sermon.  How many testimonies have come forth where the unsaved and unengaged may not have remembered anything from a sermon but witnessed the love, joy and peace among God’s redeemed people as they worshipped the LORD with the perfect balance of spirit and truth!  A worshipping church has and will continue to have a great impact on unbelievers!


Prayer:  We thank you God for the wonderful privilege of worshipping You in spirit and in truth.  We pray that You may be glorified, that we may continue to be purified in our hearts, that the Body of Christ will continue to be edified and transformed and that the lost will come to know You through our worship!

Stay tuned as we explore a new series, “Revolutionary Living in Babylon.”  Until then, “Worship More. Live Better.”